Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How many types of ball mill do you know

Ball mill is the main crushing grinding equipment widely used in power plant, cement, mining, chemical, metallurgical and other industries production at home and abroad. Hongxing is a famous ball mill manufacturer in China,which was established in 1960. Our company development newly developed a type of cone ball mill,more cost-effective and more trusted by customers. Cone ball mill have a higher technical indexes and efficiency than old-fashioned ball mill,so yields also greatly enhanced.Compared with the traditional ball mill, the matched motor power can reduce 8-25%, save lubricant 70%,save cooling water 90%,comprehensive energy save above 20% . And the cone ball mill durable, save a lot of maintenance costs. In addition,Hongxing aslo supply Horizontal ball mill,Ceramic ball mill,Energy saving ball mill,etc. Our company have decades of history,have rich experience. our ball mill are exported to all over the world,favored by domestic and overseas customers. If you have any questions , please contact us. We look forward to your visit at any time.Jaw crusher is one of the most important machine in mining machinery industry. Jaw crusher is so popular Justbecause its superior performance and simple operation. Jaw crusher can broken the high hardness materials easily,and was durable, easy maintenance. So the Jaw crusher was deeply favored by domesitic and foreign customers. PF impact crusher can be widely used in stone production line such as water,electricity, highway, etc. There are three-tube crash part and using no key awl case to contact, wear-resisting board hammers.Using inset bearing form and incline bearing sent . It's special tooth-shape back striking board make maintenance is more convenient. Jaw crusher is Hongxing's flagship product and is also the best sale product series. For many years, Jaw crusher all have good sales both at home and abroad. Our crusher is widely used in many departments, such as smelt metal, building materials, mining ,railway, ch emical industry,etc.

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