Monday, February 10, 2020

An experience that helped you discover a principle to live by Essay

An experience that helped you discover a principle to live by - Essay Example My parents could not give me all the caring and pampering that the children of well to do families used to get. The privileges of the rich children always irritated me as I was deprived of all such amenities. Actually, I was not finding fault with my parents through my resentment rather than cursing my fate. Despite having such hatred in my mind for being born in a lower middle class family, I was never ready to share my thoughts even with my best friends. It was at this stage Rose and I became friends. Rose was a cheering girl who never complained about anything. Everybody liked her character as she was very enthusiastic and happy always. I was proud of being her best friend. However, there was something strange with Rose, for she was repeatedly absent from school. One day, I happened to visit her home with my class teacher as Rose had been absent for several days. We were surprised to see Rose working in a nearby house for lower bucks. Rose’s father died when she was a little child. Thereafter it was her mother who lately fell sick brought her up. Rose and her mother lived in a little hut that was partly dilapidated and demolished. Rose had no alternative other than seeking a job to take up the responsibilities. We both were taken aback hearing the touching story of little Rose. I could not comprehend how Rose remained cheerful even at the adverse condition. I realized one thing that I was fairly wealthy when compared to Rose; however, it was pity that I always complained about my deprivation. Rose gave me a new outlook and taught me that happiness of life depends on how we perceive life experiences. One can either turn disheartened or find out new dimensions of true happiness by initiating responsibilities. Majority of people tend to assume the first option in times of unforeseen events. Rose dared accepting the latter one even at the younger ages. I realized that I had been competing with myself

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